Random Questions - Heading into the season

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Random Questions - Heading into the season

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Hope all are well and healthy. Have a few questions that came to mind when looking over prep stuff for the high school season. Curious to hear any thoughts:

When was the last time the region had 4 teams with a real shot to win state? Seems like it's been a while, but great to see.

What are the numbers like around the area for football this year, all things considered?

How did the Morton star players transfer to Merrillville and not have to sit out a year? Isn't their transfer clear and obvious to be due primarily to athletic reasons because their school shut down football?

Munster was as bad as I've maybe ever seen them last season. Are they looking any better this year?

Nobody seems to be thinking LC can be decent this year, and I'm not necessarily disputing that, but why? Just a pure lack of talent?

What happened to Michigan City? Had that flash for a couple good years, then those very good classes graduated and now they're back to being fairly insignificant?

What's the logic behind schools like Michigan City and Portage playing football but not allowing kids in person in school? Poor optics if "doing everything we can to keep kids safe" was the justification for not allowing students to learn in person.

There seems to always been one to two teams that significantly exceed expectations each season. Who has the most potential to be a surprise team this year?

Here's to a good season!

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