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Broadway Joe
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Post Game Handshake

Post by Broadway Joe »

I was fortunate to get out and see 9 games this season in 5 different stadiums. In the first 5 games both teams did the “social distance” hand shake (10 yards apart) after the game. In 3 of the last 4, the winning team went out for the handshake and the losing team did not. My first inclination is to call this poor sportsmanship and question the leadership of these teams, but maybe it’s anomaly? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Post Game Handshake

Post by BallinFreak »

Social distance handshakes are one of the dumbest things I have witnessed.

Wrestle with each other for 2 hours with sweat and spit flying everywhere, then walk distanced from each other to tell each other good game?

Get that crap outta here.

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Re: Post Game Handshake

Post by Nutsy »

Thats your opinion Ballin. :roll:


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