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Top Ten Region Hoops Careers

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 12:48 am
by GoRose!
10. Dan Palimbizio - Indiana Mr Basketball with 31.8 ppg, 17.4 rpg. Third in the NCAA in scoring senior season at Ball St.
9. Delray Brooks - USA Today HS POTY, led Providence to NCAA Final Four
8. Bryce Drew - Indiana Mr Basketball, orchestrated 'The Shot' at VU, six-yr NBA career.
7. Winston Garland - 9.4 ppg over 8-yr NBA career. Jersey retired at Missouri St.
6. Pete Trgovich - Undefeated HS champ at EC and NCAA at UCLA. Scored 68 points in semis and finals of EC Washington's '71 title run.
5. E'Twaun Moore - NCAA 3rd team AA, 8.1 ppg in 9-yrs and counting NBA career
4. Junior Bridgeman - NCAA 2nd team AA, 2x Conference POTY, NBA 13.6 career ppg, jersey retired by Milwaukee Bucks
3. Jim Bradley - what might have been. Magic Johnson 10 years before Magic Johnson
2. Dick Barnett - 15.8 ppg over 14-yr NBA career. 2xNBA champ, NBA All-Star, jersey retired by NY Knicks
1. Glenn Robinson - Indiana Mr Basketball, NCAA POTY, NBA #1 pick, 2xNBA All-Star, 20.7 career ppg.

Re: Top Ten Region Hoops Careers

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:57 pm
by DT.
Drake Morris?